TruMedical Accident Plus

Convenient, Personalized and Affordable Medical Care Powered by 24/7 Call-A-Doc, enhanced prescription benefits and Accident Medical Expenses

An American Advantage Association Membership


  • Group Accident Only Insurance

    An enhanced plan providing:

    • Up to $10,000 in accident medical expense benefits ($250 Deductible)
    • Covers medical expenses resulting from a covered accident
    • Up to $10,000 of accidental Death & dismemberment coverage
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  • Prescription Drug Benefits

    An enhanced plan providing:

    • Preventive Drugs at $0 copay
    • Over 200 additional preferred drugs at $0 copay
    • Over 1,000 value drugs for under $50
    • Online tools to help locate the best pricing and alternatives
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  • On Demand Healthcare

    • Consult a physician anytime 24/7/365 from anywhere
    • Voice or video consults available (Mobile App, Telephone, Email, Computer or Tablet)
    • Performing diagnostics, treatment and issuing prescriptions
    • No consult fees or insurance copayments - Unlimited consults for the whole family
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Plans starting at $35.00 per month!

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Group Accident Only Insurance

Plan Options
$2,500 Plan $5,000 Plan $10,000 Plan
Accident Medical Expense Benefit:
Provides benefits for covered medical
expenses resulting from covered accident (subject to a $250 deductible
per accident)
$2,500 $5,000 $10,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit:
Provides a death benefit for accidental death and lump sum
benefits for covered dismemberments
$2,500 $5,000 $10,000
Monthly Fees:
Individual Membership: $35.00 $45.00 $65.00
Family Membership: $45.00 $65.00 $90.00

Plans starting at $35.00 per month!

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Prescription Drug Benefits

A complete prescription drug plan that works for the whole family.

Preferred Drug Pricing

  • Preventive Generic Drugs (See Formulary) $0 Copay
  • Non-Preventive Preferred Drugs (over 200 drugs) $0 Copay
  • Value Drugs (under $50) organized into 3 pricing categories:
    • Under $10
    • Under $25
    • Under $50
  • All other drugs available at a discount

Preferred Pharmacy Network:

The program is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide including major chain pharmacies, grocery store pharmacies and most independents.

Telephone Assistance

Toll Free telephone access to drug pricing professionals to assist with:

  • Identifying the lowest pricing options
  • Generic and or other alternative drug options
  • Plan specific questions
  • General prescription drug questions

Online Member Resources

Online tools to assist with:

  • Locate participating pharmacies
  • Compare pricing across local pharmacies
  • Identify more affordable (generic and brand) prescription drug alternatives
  • Print, text or email a prescription drug card from the website
  • Access to drug information & view drug images

Family Benefit

Program benefits are available to all family members

Includes prescription drug benefits providing preventive generic drugs at $0 copay, over 200 additional drugs at no cost and hundreds of preferred drugs for under $50 all easily accessible through the online portal.

Plans starting at $35.00 per month!

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On Demand Healthcare

Convenient, Personalized and Affordable Medical Care Powered by 24/7 Call-A-Doc

  • Convenient Care

    • Consult a physician anytime 24/7/365 from anywhere
    • Voice or video consults available
    • Mobile App, Telephone, Email, Computer or Tablet
  • Personalized Care

    • All calls answered by Registered Nurses
    • Patients connected to physicians from our nationwide network of US licensed medical doctors
    • Medical records are updated and maintained for continuity of care and accessible to the patient
    • Nurses oversee the entire patient journey including placing a follow up call within 48–72 hours on all consults
  • Comprehensive Care

    • Our physicians can treat up to 70% of medical conditions remotely
    • Speak to a physician, pediatrician, naturopathic doctor or behavioral therapist
    • Our physicians will write prescriptions as appropriate and send them to the patients preferred pharmacy
  • Save Time

    • Physician consults are convenient and immediate
    • Avoid long wait times to get in to see a physician
    • No need to take time off work or school
  • Save Money

    • Unlimited physician consults for the whole family
    • No consult fee or insurance copayments
  • Connected Care

    • As appropriate, refer patients to local physicians and care facilities
    • Forward medical records to referring facility upon patient request
    • Send prescriptions to patients preferred pharmacy

Additional Plan Features Included*:

  • Program Mobile App to easily access your benefits
  • Save up to 80% on Prescription Drugs / online drug pricing tools
  • Direct Labs: Direct access to laboratory testing at major clinical labs nationwide
  • Hear in America: Discounts on hearing exams and equipment
  • Access to shopping, dining, entertainment & travel discounts

Plans starting at $35.00 per month!

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